Since 1985

Khawarizmi International College was the first Accredited and licensed institute by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). Khawarizmi International College Offers Several Academic Programs in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Affiliated with Local and International Universities.

The College has transformed from an IT Institute that offered only one Associate Degree in IT to a full scale University College that offers a wide range of Associate and Bachelor Degree programs in Business Administration, IT, Islamic Banking, Health Sciences and Mass Communication. It provides the students with a variety of opportunities that aim to further their education and help open doors for future employment.


  • People of determination
  • The Family of Martyrs
  • The eradication of illiteracy among the elderly above 40 Years
Upto 40%
  • New admission

Our Programs

Islamic Banking

The phenomenal growth of the Islamic banking and financial industry all over the world has grabbed the attention of everyone. It has also created a huge demand of skilled human resources to serve.

  • Bachelor Degree & Associate Degree

Computer Graphics and Animation

The department of Computer Graphics and Animation (CGA) at Khawarizmi International College currently offers a two-year associate degree program in graphic design and 3D animation.

  • Associate Degree

Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology aims to qualify graduates who will be able to play significant roles in the provision of information in a business environment by the development of effective computer-based systems.

    Bachelor Degree & Associate Degree
  • Software Development
  • Network
  • Information System

Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Health Management program is one of KIC’s undergraduate degree programs that aims at preparing competent, highly skilled graduates with the underlying theory, concepts and practical skills.

    Health Managment Program
  • Bachelor Degree & Associate Degree
  • Medical Laboratory Analysis Program
  • Bachelor Degree & Associate Degree
  • Medical Record
  • Associate Degree

Business Administration

The Business Department of KIC aspires to be one of the leading business schools of learning excellence in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the region, by providing quality business education, quality applied learning & research.

    Bachelor Degree & Associate Degree
  • Managment
  • Accounting
  • HRM
  • Marketing

Mass Communication

The Department of Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations offers a Bachelor of Mass Communication. Within that degree program, students can select a specialization in advertising, public relations, or digital media.

    Bachelor Degree (Taught in Arabic)
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Digital Media

Campus Life from Insta

Accreditation & Affiliation

All of our academic programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research of the UAE. In 2011 our curriculum expanded to offer several Bachelor Degree programs. Khawarizmi International College has agreements with local and international Universities that enable KIC graduates to continue their higher studies at Universities based in the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Canada, and the US. These institutions have been chosen based on their merit, reputation, and notable standards. Our confidence in these institutions allows our students to have a wider variety of transfer options.

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