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Accredited and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) in year 2000.
Khawarizmi International College Offers Several Of Academic Programs.
Affiliated with Local and International Universities

Islamic Banking

Join Program .. The phenomenal growth of the Islamic banking and financial industry all over the world has grabbed the attention of everyone. It has also created a huge demand of skilled human resources to serve ..

The latest data predicts the existence of a big gap between the requirement of skilled workforce and available stuff.

The Department of Islamic Banking and Finance at KIC aims to produce such competent graduates who are able to play a significant role in the development and growth of Islamic banking & financial industry, in particular, UAE based Islamic Financial Institutions. The overall educational aim is to provide an integrated, coherent, and practically based education in the theory, methods, tools and techniques in the fields of Islamic economics & finance, Islamic banking & Insurance (Takaful), Islamic accounting and Islamic capital market. It also provides the knowledge of various Islamic financial contracts and their practical application in today’s modern economic system.

The department hosts two programs; Associate Degree in Islamic Banking & Finance and Bachelors Degree in Islamic Banking & Finance. Both of these programs aim at developing an understanding of the underlying concepts, foundations and theory of Islamic Banking and Financial System. They also aim to provide the opportunity for students to consolidate the knowledge and skills they have acquired and employ them in real situations by undertaking an internship or work-based project.

After the completion of the programs at KIC, Graduates of Islamic Banking & Finance will be:

Recruited at the level of Middle Management in Islamic Financial Industry that include:

  1. Islamic Banks / Commercial Banks with Islamic Banking Subsidiaries or Islamic Banking Windows (There are 8 full-fledged Islamic Banks & almost ALL commercial/conventional banks are offering Islamic Banking (services) Subsidiaries / Windows in the UAE).
  2. Islamic Investment & Financial Companies
  3. Islamic Insurance Companies (Takaful Companies)
  4. Islamic  Foreign exchange & Stock Exchange Market (Sukuk)
  5. Islamic Market Indexes
  • Students are also prepared to run their personal businesses in compliance with Shariah Law.

Upcoming events

  • 03 Sep 2017
    Fall registration (September 3rd to 17th)
  • 31 Aug 2017
    Eid Al-Ahda break (August 31st - September 3rd)
  • 05 Aug 2017
    Summer Semester Starts (on Sunday August 5th)

History of KIC

30 Years of Success

Khawarizmi International College founded by Dr. Naim Alradi and has gone through three main stages since its establishment; each stage was approximately ten years:

1- The first stage was from 1985 to 1994, this is the stage before the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The challenge at this stage was the absence of a state authority to regulate higher education institutions and accredit the awards. In order to overcome this difficulty, the College partnered with the Institute for the Management of Information Systems in London. Later it shifted to Liverpool John Moores University of the UK so that Liverpool John Moores University were able to supervise the delivery and overall quality of our programs and jointly issue the certificates with Khawarizmi.

2- The second stage was from 1994 to 2003; this is the stage when the Ministry of Higher Education was establishing its standard, policies and procedures.

This was the most challenging stage since we used to hear and witness that the Ministry was establishing very strong standards for higher education institutions; Khawarizmi was one of the first institutions to receive accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE.

3- The third stage was from 2003 to the current year; this is the stage after receiving full accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The College has transformed from an IT Institute that offered only one Associate Degree in IT to a full scale University College that offers a wide range of Associate and Bachelor Degree programs in Business Administration, IT, Islamic Banking, Health Sciences and Mass Communication. It provides the students with a variety of opportunities that aim to further their education and help open doors for future employment. KIC programs provide its students with theoretical and conceptual knowledge in their fields, but more importantly, they prepare them with the relevant practical skills and competencies in order to embark successfully in their careers and meet required workforce demands.