Firstly we congratulate you for your successful completion at Khawarizmi International College (KIC). Today as we look back in time we cherish the relation enjoyed between you & your College and we wish to continue the same. “The Alumni Association” connects alumni with the College in a life-long interactive relationship, giving you free for life access to all of the privileges of the membership. All you need to do is keep your contact information updated. We hope that the obtained degree at KIC will provide you with a fine experience of an everlasting era of the unique bound shared between you & the College.


Khawarizmi International College stays in touch with its graduates through the Alumni Association that it is offered free of charge to all KIC graduates. The Alumni Association is determined to serve you with excellent opportunities to develop your existing skills, update your knowledge through a life learning process. The Alumni Association also provides you with the opportunity to keep in touch with your friends and classmates long after graduation and reunions.

Goals & Objectives

The aims of the KIC Alumni Association are:

  • To maintain an effective unit to keep the graduates in contact with the College.
  • To offer its members life-long learning opportunities with added benefits of membership.


  • If you earned Degree from Al Khawarizmi International College, you are a member for life.
  • The membership is automatic with your student ID number. as your membership ID number for the Alumni Association. Your student ID number was assigned to you by the College upon your admission. All you have to do is confirm your registration by collecting your Alumni Association Card from the College.
  • There are no dues payable for the membership and no need to do anything more than keep your contact information updated.