Senior Registration Officer

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Purpose of the Job:
To provide efficient and effective student focused registration service with an ethos of continuous improvement. Effectively communicate and implement approved admission and registration policies and procedures for registered students and also upgrade and maintain academic information records. Ensure that the registration services are in accordance with regulations and guidelines.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Administer registration services in order to offer a high level of care and customer service and respond proactively to students’ issues and concerns.
• Implement college policies and procedures regarding students’ admission, registration, and examination.
• Provide information and guidance to all concerned on matters pertaining to college programs, courses, policies, procedures, curriculum and general college information.
• Prepare statistical reports on student records, attendance, class size, enrollment, graduation, etc. as required.
• Complete student´s registration process smoothly, according to the college rules and regulations in terms of student data entry in the system and ensure the completeness of student file.
• Issue the full or conditional admission letter.
• Liaise with the academic departments on matters related to the registration of students.
• Prepare course and examination time-table, exam attendance and invigilation schedule in liaison with the representatives of academic departments in the college.
• Create academic calendar and course time table on Student Information System (SIS).
• Implement college financial aid/ scholarship policies.
• Follow up with the class attendance records (physical and electronic) and generate the deprived list.
• Provide advice and guidance to students on all aspects of the registration service.
• Provide training and / or coaching to members of staff as required.
• Update the relevant staff with new developments in the registration service and participate in training sessions, workshops and conferences as required.

• Assist the Registrar in the development of registration policies, procedures and relevant services, including implementing changes arising from new and modified legislation and initiatives.
• Ensure safekeeping of files, forms, certificates and registers.
• Assist the Registrar in verification of student records.
• Perform other duties as directed by Registrar when needed.

Job Specification
• Bachelor degree is a must, preferably in IT.
• Relevant experience in Admission and Registration Department.

Personal attributes:
• Flexible and adaptable to changing working hours.
• Able to deal with stressful situations intelligently.
• Honest, trustworthy and respectful.
• Cultural awareness and sensitivity.
• Sound work ethics.
• Presentable with pleasant personality.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Ability:
• Strong knowledge of college admissions and registration policies and practices.
• Excellent knowledge of student/customer focused environment.
• Good knowledge of Student Information Management system.
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Strong problem solving skills.
• Effective team leadership skills.
• Competent in word processing, spreadsheet, and typing skills.
• High level of accuracy.
• Efficient in delivering services.
• Excellent time management skill.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Good understanding of data protection and security issues.
• Punctual and follow deadlines.
• Effective decision making skills

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