Computer Graphics Design and Animation program enables you to learn Graphic Design, Page Layout Design, and Interactive 3D Animation. The program provides and develops students' skills in all fields of graphics design & advertisements, 2D & 3D animation and multimedia, as well as providing you with creative and artistic communication skills.

Learning Outcomes

KIC CGA program is designed for those who want to create and design visual communications via print and digital media, gain contemporary knowledge of graphic design, 3D animation, multimedia applications, build 3D characters and environments, and digital video editing.

By the end of the program, you should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the production process pipeline appropriate to the field of computer graphics and animation, underpinning principles of 2D graphic images, 3D graphics, modelling, texturing and shading. You will be expected to apply necessary knowledge and understanding to solve Computer Graphics and Animation problems and use relevant software tools to create and manipulate graphic images, animations, webpages, 3D models in multiple formats, video editing and special effects.

Applied Learning

As a KIC graduate, you will stand out among others by accumulating hands-on experience throughout the 2 years program.

KIC campuses are equipped with studios and work stations where students can implement their creative ideas and learn along the way, in addition to the available internship course. The college also engages its students in creative events where students can showcase their projects and benefit from increased exposure.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Agencies and Companies
  • Print & Publishing Companies
  • Magazines and News Papers Houses
  • Design Centers
  • TVs & Broadcasting
  • Media and Video Production Houses
  • Animation Studios and Gaming
  • Interior Design Firms
  • Academic Opportunities

Admissions: Required Documents

  • Attested High Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate in one of the below certificates or its equivalent, at least as the following:
    • EmSAT : 1100
    • TOEFL ITP (Amideast) : 500
    • IELTS : 5

Other Requirments

  • 1 Personal photo
  • Copy of Valid Passport
  • Copy of Valid Visa (Non-Local)
  • Copy of Valid Emirates ID card


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