A certificate in Information Technology is a certain key to success in the twenty-first century. It is virtually impossible to think of any aspect of life and business which is not impacted by changes in the field of information technology and computer science. Information technology will play a critical role in shaping the future of the UAE by preparing its workforce for innovation and research. The Associate of Information Technology program (AIT) at KIC will help its students to equip with fundamental as well as latest technologies to meet the  IT requirements of the government and private organizations in the UAE and abroad.

  • AIT program covers all major areas of information technology such as software development, web design, database programming, administration of network and software project management.  Thus, students are equipped with multiple skills to serve the society and economy, or to go for higher studies, or to set up their own startups.
  • A key distinction of KIC’s AIT program is that it offers specialization tracks in software development and networking at the diploma level. These specialized courses provide an advantage to students to get entry in the skilled job market.

Learning Outcomes

The Learning outcomes of  AIT program have been prepared in compliance with the requirements of level 5 of the QF Emirates.  Upon completion of the AIT program, the student will be able to:

PLO 1. Explain the characteristics of the hardware and software components of computer systems and networks and discuss the relative merits of alternative designs.

PLO 2. Design, implement and test computer programs to meet specified requirements using industry-standard development tools

PLO 3. Design and develop database applications to meet the requirements of the users of a business system.

PLO 4. Design and develop web-based computer systems that incorporate multimedia data.

PLO 5. Explain the concepts of software project management and use support tools to plan and manage projects.

Track 1 Learning Outcomes ( Software Development ):

PLO6. Use modern object-oriented techniques effectively in the design and development of computer software systems. (SD)

PLO7. Work effectively as part of a software development team using appropriate software development methodologies. (SD)

Track 2 Learning Outcomes ( Networking):

PLO8. Design computer network systems to meet the needs of the business. (NW)

PLO9. Manage and maintain computer network systems and use appropriate security measures ( NW).

Learning Outcomes ( General Education):

PLO10. Communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing.

PLO11: Use standard IT packages effectively to support business-related activities.

PLO12: Analyze problems and design appropriate solutions.

PLO13: Work effectively as part of a team

Applied Learning

  • Applied leaning is the focus of the AIT program. AIT program has been designed to include courses which have high practical and industrial values.  Theoretical delivery of the courses in the AIT program is supplemented with practical implementation of the concepts in the labs using latest  programming languages, UML tools, databases tools, project management tools,  and networking
  • The students in AIT program do internship in various organization to learn the latest practices adopted in the industry.

Career Opportunities

After completing AIT program, the students will be equipped work in the government, semi government and private organizations as

  • Software developer
  • Database analyst/developer/administrator
  • Web developer
  • Computer security specialist
  • Network specialist among other positions.

Admissions: Required Documents

  • 4 recent photos (passport photo size)
  • Copy of
  • Valid passport
  • Valid visa (For non-Nationals)
  • UAE National ID Card
  • High school certificate (or equivalent)
  • English Profeciency Certificate
IELTS  5.0
TOEFL ITP (Amideast)  500
EmSAT  1100
  • For continuing or transferred students, an official transcript and courses description are required (After opening, file procedures)


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