The launch of the Abu Dhabi Strategic Plan 2030 and UAE vision 2021 have contributed to the added need for Business program graduates to oversee a number of fundamental business processes, and contribute both strategically and operationally to an organization, to the economy and the society.

Additionally, growing focus on e-commerce and digitalization of businesses across all sectors, and construction and property industries in response to the growing number of affordable housing projects set to take place within UAE, there will be an increasing number of roles available within the Business job market.

Learning Outcomes

Bachelor's degrees equip students with a strong understanding of business fundamentals, management principles, and the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in the business world.

The main aim of the program is to empower students with a broad knowledge of modern business theories and practical skills in fundamental areas of business of general management, Human resource Management, Marketing and Accounting relevant to the needs of industry and the employment market.

From there, students have the opportunities to apply their knowledge in multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional courses, through case-based learning, business simulations, a variety of co-curricular opportunities, and the internship experience.

Applied Learning

As a KIC graduate, you will stand out among others by accumulating hands-on experience throughout your 4 years program.

By completing 240 hours of internship in cooperation with our partners you will have the necessary skills to face real world challenges.

Career Opportunities

  • Banking Branch Manager
  • Banking operations manager
  • Business development manager
  • Business manager
  • Supervisor
  • HR manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing consultant

Admissions: Required Documents

  • UAE Secondary school Certificate or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum grade of 70% for the Science/advanced track, or 75% for the Art/general track, or 70% for Elite track.
  • A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate in one of the below certificates or its equivalent, at least as the following:
    • EmSAT: 1100
    • TOEFL ITP (Amideast) : 500
    • IELTS : 5
  • Pass the Arabic EmSAT with a score not less than (600) or equivalent. Alternatively, Non-Native Arabic Speakers can enroll in a non-credited course.
  • Pass the Math EmSAT with a score not less than (600) or equivalent.
  • Conditional Admission can be allowed for not achieving "Arabic and Math EmSAT Scores" but not for English or overall High School Certificate.

Other requirements

  • 1 Personal photo
  • Copy of Valid Passport
  • Copy of Valid Visa (Non-Local)
  • Copy of Valid Emirates ID card


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