The rapidly growing health care sector demands the requirement of all health care providers, which includes qualified and skilled paramedics. Most of the Paramedic workforce currently in the UAE are those educated from outside the UAE. This being one of the BSEMC program in the country will make the candidates competent to meet the requirement of paramedics in the country and to equip them to qualify for the various credentialing examinations around the globe.

The Emergency Medical Care Program at Khawarizmi International College (KIC) is an established Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Care (BSEMC) program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The program intends to prepare students to work in the clinical field as Paramedics/ Emergency Medical Technologists, providing support and assistance to patients who are in any emergency medical situations like medical emergencies or trauma emergencies.

The BSEMC program allows the students to develop an in-depth knowledge that involves emergency medical response, emergency preparedness and management, disaster planning and response, illness and injury prevention, research and leadership. In addition to performing their routine scope of practice, the BSEMC program of KIC aims to prepare the students, to build their skills from basic to advance management and leadership roles within the profession, to become the pioneers of emergency medical system.

The BSEMC program offers field experience as an integrated component of the curriculum. There are clinical practice courses in the program as part of clinical exposure in addition to internship period conducted in affiliated hospitals in the UAE. Field experience activity is an important element of clinical training to develop and gain the required emergency care skills, reinforce knowledge of theories and learning principles through real clinical case scenarios, and clinical and professionalism exposure to the health care settings.

Learning Outcomes.

The program learning outcomes are designed to be consistent with the Bachelor level as defined in the UAE's Qualification Framework. Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Operate ambulance and other emergency care equipment and effectively communicate to their dispatching authorities
  • Lead and coordinate the team involved to an emergency care system
  • Evaluate, diagnose and treat the patient’s condition on the scene and safely transport the victims to a higher care center.
  • Respond to life threatening illness and injuries by applying various simple and advanced treatments; prehospital and in-hospital, that includes but not limited to first aid, CPR, administering injections and oxygen or surgical procedures
  • Use equipment and devices to stabilize patients or provide emergency treatment
  • Monitor and communicate patient’s clinical condition during transport to the hospital
  • Team up with other emergency team like police, firefighting unit, doctors etc. upon the need.
  • Documentation
  • Abide by to established hospital, prehospital medical protocols and procedures,legal policies and other health and safety protocols.
  • Work effectively as a contributing team member respectful of cultural diversity and individual differences.
  • Establish safe working practices for self and others relative to equipment and machinery, handling of product, disposal of materials and relevant legislation.

Applied Learning

  • As a KIC graduate, the students are expected to excel in the clinical areas by accumulating hands-on experience throughout the 5 years program.
  • By completing the BSEMC program and 16 credit hours of internship in association with our clinical partners like Cleveland clinic, New Medical Center, Danat Al Emarat, and VPS group, the student will have develop all the essential skills, required for a Clinical Specialist in Emergency Care.

Career Opportunities

The Five-year program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Medical Care. Graduates are qualified to practice as a competent Paramedic/ Emergency Care Specialist in all of the following areas:

  • Road Ambulances
  • Air Ambulances
  • Emergency Departments
  • Academics- The students can pursue higher education in Master of Science, Doctorate studies and Post-doctoral fellowships. They are highly in demand as Faculties in various Universities, across the globe.
  • Research/ Scientists
  • Clinical application specialists, in various medical equipment companies

Admissions: Required Documents

  • 4 recent photos (passport photo size)
  • Copy of
  • Valid passport
  • Valid visa (For non-Nationals)
  • UAE National ID Card
  • High school certificate (or equivalent)
  • Valid English Test
IELTS  5.0
TOEFL ITP (Amideast)  500
EmSAT  1100
  • Transfer Students: Sealed course descriptions, attested transcripts, previous degree equivalency (If Applicable), Valid IELTS/TOEFL/EMSAT with the minimum required score BEFORE the registration in the first semester of study.


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