Ibnaouf Hassan Ibnaouf Ahmed

Dr. Ibnaouf Hassan Ahmed

  • Assistant Professor
  • Abu Dhabi Campus


  • Graduated from Omdurman Islamic University, Faculty of Information, Public Relations Department, 2003
  • Appointed as a Teaching Assistant in the same faculty in 2004
  • Master's Degree in Public Relations in 2007
  • PhD in Public Relations in 2012
  • Appointed as Head of Public Relations Department, Omdurman Islamic University, Media College, 2013


  • Appointed Director of Public Relations at the Vision Center for Public Opinion Studies in 2009
  • Supervisor of the Department of Studies, Samwat Center for Media Studies
  • Professor in Saudi Arabia - Jazan University, 2013- 2016

Research Interests

  • Research published in the magazine of the Vision Center for Media Studies entitled (public opinion in Islam is a fundamentalist vision)
  • Research published in Omdurman Islamic University Journal entitled "Uses of communication technology in public relations activities"
  • The effectiveness of communication in health awareness (published in the magazine of the Institute and Research Studies of the Islamic world)
  • Evaluation of press performance in Sudan for 2010. (published study - Press and Publications Council)
  • Evaluation of press performance in Sudan for the year 2011. (published study - Press and Publications Council)

Awards & Recognition

  • Academic Excellence Award at Jazan University twice in a row


  • Publication of a book entitled Public Opinion and Methods of Measurement - Dar Amwaj for Publishing and Distribution Jordan Amman
  • Two books under publication - the new media and its role in shaping public opinion
  • Public relations and mental image


  • bnaouf.hasan@khawarizmi.com