Dr. Imen Zalila Kolsi

  • Assistant Professor
  • Health & Medical Sciences
  • Abu Dhabi Campus


  • D. in Biological Sciences, Centre of Biotechnology, Tunisia.
  • Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Centre of Biotechnology, Tunisia
  • Bachelors in Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Tunisia.

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor- Full-Time: Khawarizmi International College (Fall 2019/2020)
  • Assistant Professor- Part-time: Khawarizmi International College (Spring 2018/2019)
  • Assistant Professor- Al Ain University of Sciences and Technology, College of Pharmacy (Fall 2017/2018)
  • Researcher- Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax, Tunisia.

Publications & Conferences

Antagonist effects of Bacillus spp. strains against Fusarium graminearum for protection of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. subsp. durum) (Imen Zalila-Kolsi, Afif Ben Mahmoud, Hacina Ali, Sameh Sellami, Zina Nasfi, Slim Tounsi, and Kaïs Jamoussi (2016)) Microbiological research (ScienceDirect). 192, 148-158. 

Screening and identification of a Bacillus thuringiensis strain S1/4 with large and efficient insecticidal activities (Sameh Sellami, Taheni Zghal, Maroua Cherif, Imen Zalila-Kolsi, Samir Jaoua, and Kaïs Jamoussi (2012)) Journal of Basic Microbiology. 52, 1–10.

Heterologous expression and periplasmic secretion of an antifungal Bacillus amyloliquefaciens BLB369 endo-β-1,3-1,4-glucanase in Escherichia coli.(Imen Zalila-Kolsi, Sellami Sameh, Slim Tounsi, and Kaïs Jamoussi (2017)). Journal of Phytopathology. 166, 28-33.

Study of antagonist effect of Bacillus spp. strains against Fusarium graminearum for protection of durum wheat (Imen Zalila-Kolsi) UAE : Oral  communication at  Innvation Arabia 11, Hamdan Bin Mohammad Smart University, Dubai 11-13 March, 2018.

Identification of isolates of Bacillus spp. and investigation of their antifungal activity (Imen Zalila-Kolsi): Communication at the Fifth Conference of the Association Francophone Microbial Ecology in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of biotechnology (AFEM, Hammamet Tunisia, November 2011).

Screening and investigation of antifungal activities of Bacillus spp. strains (Imen Zalila-Kolsi): Communication at the International Conference of Bio-production (BICB, Sfax Tunisia, November, 2012).

Research Interests

  • Microbiology and health
  • Antimicrobial agents and biochemistry
  • Molecular and cellular biology


  • imen.zalila@khawarizmi.com