Dr. Kathleen Meehan

  • Associate Professor
  • Director: External Academic Relations
  • Abu Dhabi Campus


  • Doctor Technologiae, Radiobiology, Cape Technikon, 2001
  • Master Technologiae, Genetic susceptibility to TB, Cape Technikon, 1993
  • NHD Medical Laboratory Technology, 1987
  • NHD Post School Education, Cape Technikon, 1991
  • Harvard University Alumni


  • Jan 2018 – current: Director: External Academic Relations, Khawarizmi International University College
  • Sep 2015 – Dec 2017: Head of Dept; Assoc. Prof, Health and Medical Sciences, Khawarizmi International University College
  • Feb 2012 – Aug 2015: Associate Dean Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT): Health Science
  • Feb 2010 – Jan 2012: Chair HCT: Health Science Faculty. Dean Health Sciences, SEHA
  • Feb 2007 – Jan 2010: Program co-ordinator HCT: Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Imaging, Pharmacy and Nursing
  • Aug 2006 – Jan 2007: Faculty HCT: Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Aug 2005 – Aug 2006: Associate Professor Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa Faculty Health Sciences
  • Jan 1996 – Aug 2005: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa: Faculty Health Sciences,
  • 1983 – 1995: Principal Medical Technologist, Provincial Laboratory for Tissue Immunology, South Africa

Publications & Conferences

  • Pathology Update, SKMC/Cleveland clinic, Abu Dhabi, 2011 (invited speaker)
  • 3rd Annual HIMS Conference: Public-Private Partnerships and HIMS Capability Development, Abu Dhabi 2013 (Invited Speaker)
  • Vitamin D Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2016
  • Vitamin D Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2017
  • Pathology Update, Abu Dhabi, 2016
  • Pathology Update and ASCP conference, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, 2017
  • CAP Inspector Training workshop, Abu Dhabi, 2017
  • Forum on the Role of Global Standards, CLSI and Laboratory Automation in Improving Quality of Clinical Laboratories Services and Patient Outcomes. Dubai 2017
  • MedLab Laboratory Accreditation Workshop, Dubai ,2017
  • Med Lab ASCP/CCAD Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2018
  • ABHES accreditation workshop, Las Vegas, February 2018
  • Moonshot Research Conference Initiative, VPS, Abu Dhabi, Oct 2018
  • International Conference on Endocrinology, Cape Town, SA, Dec 2018
  • 8th World Conference on Women's Health and Breast Cancer – invited speaker. Dec 2018


  • Journal of Virological Methods (Int),Fragment Length Polymorphism for the Identification of High Risk Human Papillomaviruses.Patti Kay, Kathy Meehan, Anne-Lise Williamson,2002
  • Mutation Research (Int), Evaluation of DNA damage in a population of bats (Chiroptera) residing in an abandoned monazite mine. Kathleen A Meehan, Ernest J Truter, Jacobus P Slabbert and M Iqbal Parker.2003
  • Medical Technology, SA Journal SCGE assay on a population of bats residing in a monazite mine.Meehan, K and Truter, E. 2002
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  • Medical Technology South Africa Journal Vol 24, No 2, Dec 2010
  • Leukocyte Apoptosis and Micronuclei induction in individuals with varying sensitivity to ionising radiation. Wendy L Solomon1, Kathleen A Meehan, Dhiro Gihwala and Jacobus P Slabbert.

Awards & Recognition

  • AA Wadee memorial Gold Medal – most promising young scientist, SA, 1992
  • J&J Platinum award – exceptional achievement in field of immunology, SA,1997
  • Mutagenesis prize – most outstanding presentation by a young scientist, (Int) France, 1997
  • Most promising new researcher, CPUT, (first recipient) SA, 1999
  • Young Investigators Award – Radiobiology Society,(Int), SA, 2000
  • SA Ass of Women Graduates - Award of Excellence, SA, 2001
  • SocMedLabTechSA – Best doctoral student, SA, 2002
  • SA Ass Physicists Medicine Biology (SAAPMB) – best overall presentation, SA, 2004
  • Fogarty Scholarship, Int Centre,NIH – Full scholarship for University of Cape Town: Post graduate diploma in International Research Ethics, 2004
  • Nominee – HAAD Medical Distinction Award, 2011; 2013

Research Interest

  • The LAA assay as a clinical predictor in breast cancer patients receiving radiotherapy in the UAE. Collaboration with TAWAM Hospital, SKMC, Cornerstone University, Michigan, USA.
  • Prevalence and genetic sequencing of oesophageal and colorectal cancer in the UAE. Collaboration with Tawam hospital, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Prevalence and sequencing of parasites in stools of wild animals in the UAE. Collaboration with Sharjah University and Environmental Agency, Abu Dhabi.


  • Kathleen.meehan@kic.ac.ae