Dr. Saeed Mohamed Hamed Ali

  • Ph.D. in Radio & TV (Omdurman University, 2012)
  • MA in Radio & TV with honors (Omdurman University, 2004)
  • BA in Media (Zagazig University, 1986

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor at khawarizmi international collage , UAE (2019 till now )
  • Dean of Student Affairs - University of Modern Sciences , UAE (2018  )
  • Assistant Professor at khawarizmi international collage , UAE (2017)
  • Assistant Professor at Ajman University of Science&Technology, UAE (2003-2016)

Practical Experience

  • TV Director -Directed the following programs (Egyptian TV)
  • Orchid of Speech
  • Young People round the World
  • Youth only

Abu Dhabi TV

  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary Fatwa
  • Letters &Poets

Bahrain TV

  • Race of Stars


  • Your Food is your Medicine
  • Shama'ilMuhammadiyah


  • Fame Thief

Director of Documentaries:

  • Al Nagaar Textiles Factory (Mahala,Egypt)
  • UAE Environment Week (clean air=healthy environment)
  • Steel Factory in Egypt.
  • A factory in Jabal Ali-UAE
  • Humaid bin Rashid Establishment for Development
  • Ajman University to mark its twentieth anniversary


  • Participation in the Dubai Media Conference from 208 to 2018
  • Participation in the work of the success conference in Abu Dhabi 2008
  • Participation in the live broadcasting conference (Association of the Mother of Believers in the Emirate of Ajman).


  • A book entitled Radio and TV Production between theory and practice in 2011, Bright Horizons Publisher Jordan.
  • Zayed book and a course in protecting Emirati heritage

Awards & Recognition   

  • Honoring for participating in a research in the International Conference of the African Research and Studies Institute 2017
  • Honoring by the Ministry of Economy in Fujairah for the active participation in making the success of the book Your Book 2016 initiative.
  • Honoring by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in Fujairah for active participation in discussion sessions with writers and writers 2016.
  • Honoring for participating in a lecture at the Innovation Week - Fujairah Social and Cultural Association. 2015
  • Honoring by the Fujairah Government - Human Resources Department for active participation in the ninth Fujairah Employment Fair 2015.
  • Honoring for participating in the Fujairah Media Forum - Fujairah Culture and Media Authority 2015
  • Promotion from the rank of Lecturer to Assistant Professor - Ajman University of Science and Technology 2013
  • Honor by the Public Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare 2010.
  • Honoring by the Ministry of Social Affairs for participating in the first Gulf Festival for Social Work 2008.
  • Honoring for active participation in the 12th Forum of the Mother of the Believers in Ajman 2008.

Research Interests

  • Participation in the 25th International Scientific Conference at Cairo University (Media Industry in the light of technological and investment opportunities and challenges) from 17-18 April 2019 with a research entitled The Impact of Technology on the Advancement of New Media in the United Arab Emirates. An applied study on a sample of Emirati university students)
  • Participation in the Conference on Training Quality and its Effects on Human Development in the Arab World, with a research entitled Quality Training in Higher Education Institutions in Egypt from 26 to 28 July 2018
  • Participation in the annual international conference at Cairo University (Institute of African Studies in 70 years), with a research entitled The effect of African drama on social and economic relations and the development of the idea of young people about the correct trends in the period from 21-23 May 2017.
  • Participating in the Fujairah Media Forum with a research entitled The effect of globalization on changing the behavior of youth in 2016


  • A member of the artistic personalities in Who's Who Fine Arts High Education Encyclopedia
  • Lecturer in the national program in Dubai.
  • Lecturer at Tarim Omran Center in the Gulf newspaper.
  • Member of the Media Syndicate in the Arab Republic of Egypt


  • ali@khawarizmi.com