• All registration forms are available at the Admission & Registration Office.
  • All applications are welcome for processing for Fall, Spring and Summer classes.
  • Registration to KIC is only deemed final after the student has been admitted by the respective College Dean/Department Head, has submitted all admission requirements, and has duly registered and issued the signed registration form.
  • All admitted students are subject to the KIC re-admission policies.
  • All types of application are articulated below.
  • Applications for Registration are on-going.


An orientation is organized for new students at the start of every semester. This will be as follows:

  • At the reception in the College’s main hall, the PRESIDENT addresses new students and introduce members of the teaching staff.
  • All new students receive a copy of the Student Handbook.
  • The Careers Officer introduces himself/herself and informs students about the help they can receive when considering applying for jobs.
  • The Dean for Academic Affairs then explains the terms and conditions for studying at the college as mentioned in the Student Handbook.
  • The new students are divided into groups of 10-12 and are given a tour of the college. A senior student leads each group and acts as a guide.
  • The Lab Technician briefs each group on the practical lab facilities. Each group is given a presentation about the Learning Resource Center (LRC) by the Librarian. The presentation covers the range of books, magazines, journals, programming projects, multimedia CDs, internet terminals, and videotapes available. It also includes the LRC catalogue, How To titles, how to reserve and borrow titles as well as penalties for late returns of borrowed items
  • Students gather again in the main hall where the Student Activities Coordinator gives a presentation about student activities such as the Students’ Newsletter (the Cursor), sports teams, and student trips in addition to the Alumni Association.