Abu Dhabi Campus

Al Bahya Abu Dhabi Campus, opened in 2016, crystalizes the essence of Khawarizmi International College core mission that revolves around hands-on learning. The campus occupies three vast floors and is able to accommodate 2,500 students. The campus boasts a mix of modern Educational and Community facilities, inspiring prospective, new, and current students to pursue their academic and career ideals with

Educational Facilities

Class Rooms

There are 50 classrooms in the campus, with capacity ranges allowing accommodating from 24 to 56 students. Classrooms are equipped with modern technology that enhances teaching methods. This allows KIC faculty to deliver lectures and workshops in diverse formats, tailored to the needs of students in the framework of the curriculum.

Healthcare Labs

A range of specialized medical analysis laboratories, specially designed for hands-on training of future healthcare professionals. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, covering crucial areas such as histopathology, biochemistry, microbiology, parasitology, hematology, etc. To provide virtually one-on-one training, each lab can accommodate 20 to 25 students

Computer Labs

Computer labs at the campus are collectively equipped with 330 computers, running the latest OS, with full internet.

Media Production Studio

A state-of-the-art digital media studio is equipped as per commercial and professional industry standards. Its key highlights is the potential for real time TV and radio broadcasting, in addition to fulfilling other media requirements. Fully soundproofed, the studio consists of a control room, stage, audio editing suite, and computer graphics suite. Key assets include cameras equipped with Teleprompters, a camera crane, a dolly, audio recording devices, a vision mixer, an audio mixer, a fixed lighting barrel with lighting track, as well as Mac and PC multimedia labs.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides easily accessible and updated resources covering all offered academic fields at KIC. In addition to computer-based training, the material is also available in DVD/CD format. LRC provides access to virtual libraries free of charge. Students can use assistance from Berry, a powerful e-book technology service, to advance in their academic and applied endeavors at KIC.

Multipurpose Events Hall

A 280 square meter hall is fully equipped to host larger meetings, events, and conferences.

Community Facilities

Medical Clinic

In case of an emergency, students/staff can consult the on-campus clinics. They are equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to address any emergency case. For further treatment, students and staff will be referred to their respective private hospitals for further comprehensive treatment.

Campus Safety & Well-being

KIC has developed a health & safety & environmental management system, to prevent or reduce accidents, incidents, and protect the environment against pollution and excessive consumption of energy, materials & water.

Prayer Rooms

Separate prayer rooms are available for Gents and Ladies, conveniently located in the


From a sip of coffee to a full-fledged meal, KIC cafeteria delivers freshly prepared food at affordable prices. The facility is open daily (except for holidays) from 9am and is managed by a specialized catering company.

Sports Facilities & Recreation Area

Sports facilities include professionally maintained football field, table tennis assets, and a gym fit for rigorous training. A dedicated hall with comfy seats and casual gaming like Baby Foot, allowing the students to chill in between academic and extracurricular activities.

Grocery Store

KIC community can enjoy the convenience of Baqala, located at the heart of the campus.


Near Deerfields Mall, Al Bahia, Abu Dhabi