I am delighted to welcome you to Khawarizmi International College (KIC). For almost four decades KIC has been delivering quality education that focuses on teaching applied skills, to meet the aspirations of young people and working professionals in our community. KIC plays an important role in the higher education landscape across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. With a purpose-built campus in Abu Dhabi and plans for the same in Al Ain, we offer career-focused undergraduate programs. Our bachelor programs prepare the students for rewarding careers in Health Sciences such as Medical Laboratory Analysis, Respiratory Care, Emergency Medical Care, and Health management, as well as in Information Technology, Business Administration, and Mass Communication. All our programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA).

I am delighted to announce that our course portfolio continues to expand. Soon we are planning to add new business specializations to address the demands of the job market of tomorrow. We have also established a Continuous Medical Education unit, answering the demand of a rapidly growing healthcare sector and the need for skilled professionals.

Whether our students come straight from school or are working and studying with us to improve their prospects, we can offer them a friendly, safe, and industry-relevant learning environment. With our faculty as well as our committed and capable administration team, our students are supported throughout their learning journey. Khawarizmi International College offers its students exceptional experiences that allow them to grow and develop, explore new interests, and fully realize their potential. We are a flexible and rewarding choice for any student who wishes to start or improve on a professional career.

Let’s create a success story together,

Prof. Santosh Ray
Acting President

Santosh Ray