Carpal tunnel Syndrome

The computer keyboard and mouse are two of the most commonly used devices in our everyday working lives. We use them more often than any other device on our desk. As harmless as they may seem, they can cause us serious injuries that can be lifelong and costly. The mouse and keyboard are not the problem, it’s how we use them.

Musculoskeletal disorders or injuries are a known but silent danger in the office workplace. They occur insidiously and may not be recognized until long after the injury by symptoms that appear. They can lead to chronic and long-term injuries that are difficult to treat and sometimes can only be managed.

Under local and international regulations, workers have the right to work safely and return to their families. If we do not pay close attention, we can work unsafely every day and go home injured without realizing it until the first symptoms appear.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common injury due to nerve compression. It is more common in women and people between the ages of 40-60. According to a CDC Morbidity and mortality report, 2372 CTS cases were found among office and administrative workers between 2007 and 2014, the highest number among other occupational groups.

The excessive use of hands with repetitive flexion of fingers or wrist, constant pressure or sprain on the wrist, etc. Symptoms manifest themselves in abnormal sensations, such as;

– Tingling and numbness in the thumb and index finger.
– Weakness in grasping
– Clumsy hand movements and dropping etc.
It is easier to prevent this lifelong injury than to treat it if you follow some simple tips;

  1. Set up your desk and computer with these simple instructions.
2. Use a pad or folded napkin to support your wrist when using your keyboard and mouse.
3. Keep your wrist straight and apart as much as possible.
4. avoid tedious and repetitive tasks, especially with your wrist and fingers.
5. stretch more often using the following tips.
6. inform your immediate supervisor or the HSE Officer if you have any doubts about your work or the procedure.

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Carpal tunnel Syndrome

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