The Excellence Program

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Scholarships &
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility: Students who are UAE residents and achieved 97% or over in the high-school certificate1
– Three (3) scholarships are available at Abu Dhabi campus and two
(2) scholarships are available at Al Ain campus, selected by KIC and
announced at start of 3rd week of Fall Semester
– Applicable only for new joiners

• Eligibility: Students who are UAE residents and have good
scores in the high-school certificate, as table below

• Notes:
– Scholarship discount continues in following semesters subject to
specific scholarship maintenance rules
– Applicable only for new joiners

• Eligibility: Applicants working in healthcare organizations and their first-degree relatives
• Notes: Healthcare workers to provide employee ID or other employment certification; relatives to provide proof of relationship and employment certification of their first degree relative employed in the healthcare organization

• Eligibility: Students holding approved government person of determination card

• Notes: Award is confirmed following consideration of application by admissions committee

Eligibility: New student who has one or more first degree relatives currently studying at KIC

• Notes:
– Discount applies to the new student only (not the relative)
– Applicable only for new joiners
– Regardless of the number of relatives, only one time discount of 10% is given to any relative newly joining KIC

• Eligibility: Students who have completed at least 24 credits and who achieve 3.5 AGPA

• Notes: Applies in the semester following AGPA achievement; may be held in addition to another scholarship

• Eligibility: Student Council members or students who are members of prize-winning KIC sports teams or winners of other prizes/competitions

• Notes: Students to be nominated by Student Affairs and
scholarships to be approved by the President. May be held in addition to other scholarships. Validity of the scholarship is one academic year

• Eligibility: Students who have completed a KIC program with AGPA of 2.5 or over and enroll for another program

• Notes:
– May be held in addition to another scholarship
– Applicable only for new joiners

• Eligibility: employees of KIC, KTS and KHC or first degree relatives

• Notes: HR to sign off applications; only applies while in post

• Eligibility: Students associated with organizations that have an approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KIC

• Notes:
– As specified in the MOU
– Applicable only for new joiner


1. Scholarships are subject to meet scholarship general/specific rules, eligibility, and maintenance criteria, stated in the KIC Scholarships Policy.
2. KIC reserves the right to amend at any time the rules, eligibility and discount levels for scholarship schemes. Any such changes will be announced before implementation.
* Applicable only for new joiners
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Borrowing Policy

LRC designed the borrowing policy to maximize access to the collection by motivating the users to return material on time so that they are available for other users. Students should show their college ID to borrow books from the library. Loan period and number of books for the staff and students are different like:

  • Students can borrow up to 5 books for 10 days.
  • Staff can borrow 10 books up to 30 days.
  • It can be renewed for the next 10 days if no other request or reservation.
  • The Director of the library has the authority to recall a borrowed book at any time.

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