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LRC aims to provide comprehensive resources and services to support the research, teaching, and independent learning which helps the KIC community.


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  1. To check the book availability through OPAC. Please find the below link OPAC, http://library.kic.ac.ae/cgi-bin/koha/opac-user.pl
  2. If the user find required books are available,
  3. Go to KIC website–> KIC E-services–> Learning Resource Center–> Under Borrowing, click on Request a book–> The user should fill the form.(the book details, user will get through OPAC)
  4. LRC will receive the request through the email
  5. If the books are available, the user will receive an email from lrc@khawarizmi.com, to collect the books from the LRC circulation counter.
  6. Instructor to collect the book from LRC circulation counter and Librarian will issue the book

Inter-Library Loan

We are delighted to announce that LRC is now able to offer services through Inter-Library Loan. KIC staff and students can now borrow books from Abu Dhabi University Library.

The Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service gives the KIC staff and students, to request the resources (reference books and the electronic resources) which are not currently available in the LRC and available in Abu Dhabi University Library.

E- Textbooks

Access your course books with itslearning. The platform contains e-books from various publishers including Mc Graw Hill, Pearson, Cengage, and more.

Here, Training video recordings, both in English and Arabic versions:

English Version:

Arabic Version:

Research & Readings

KIC Digital Library accommodates four databases. These can be accessed from the library portal (Deepknowledge). Using the databases provided by the library will help the users to find reliable information from trusted sources.

Information and Help Desk


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InterLibrary Loan Form

The ILL agreement excludes document delivery of electronic resources that do not support respective license agreement and/or for which “walk-in” use is stipulated, and/or enrolled/employed status is required.

Any photocopying of resources must meet UAE and international copyright standards and the copyright policies of the respective libraries.

Borrowing Policy

LRC designed the borrowing policy to maximize access to the collection by motivating the users to return material on time so that they are available for other users. Students should show their college ID to borrow books from the library. Loan period and number of books for the staff and students are different like:

  • Students can borrow up to 5 books for 10 days.
  • Staff can borrow 10 books up to 30 days.
  • It can be renewed for the next 10 days if no other request or reservation.
  • The Director of the library has the authority to recall a borrowed book at any time.

Book Request