Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs (SA) Department enriches the student life at KIC through engaging students in various activities. The department also moderates and addresses a variety of issues, concerns and situations that impact students’ success and satisfaction at the college.

With SA Department eServices you will be able to:

Suggestions and Complaints

Students who have useful suggestions or complaints to enhance the college services regarding program contents, teaching methods, learning resources, administrative or any other issues are welcome to fill the form through this link.

Personal and Professional Development

Sign up for Career Development Program to join seminars, workshops, and benefit from one-to-one career counseling, to develop your professional portfolio.

The seminars and workshops include:

  • Information about the available jobs
  • Nationwide salary scale
  • Required Qualifications and skills
  • Tips of preparing an effective CV
  • Tips to handle and ace interviews


Career Counseling offers one-to-one advices on:

  • The type of job to apply for
  • Revising C.V.s
  • Job interviewing techniques
  • Responding to job offers

Students Life

Students Council

A Student Council is a group of elected students working together with an advisor within the framework of a constitution or by laws to provide a means for student expression and assistance in college affairs and activities, give opportunities for student experience in leadership and encourage student.

The Students’ Council acts as a link between KIC management and students. At the beginning of each semester, 5 students are elected; the other 10 students are selected to represent students in the council. The council meets twice each semester. Student or staff members of the committee may request additional meetings. Student members express their opinion on various issues related to the college and its programs. Students at KIC play a vital role in shaping the College’s future by providing feedback regarding the positive and negative aspects of the college and its programs.


Student’s life is not a rich one without clubs. Explore our clubs and be sure to join at least one of them,

Cultural Club

The Cultural Club celebrates the traditions, history and heritage of the various communities at the college through activities such as lectures, exhibitions, and poetry sessions. The Club plays an important role in organizing the Global Day event which is held every year.

Art Club

KIC Art Club encourages students with a common interest in the creation of art such as (music, dance, photography, drawing, etc) to enhance their skills, collaborate with other artists and forge bonds with fellow creative minds.

Sports Club

The Sports Club is for the fun seekers who enjoy energetic sports and outdoor/indoor activities. The Club organizes and/or joins enjoyable events, tournaments, and leagues among KIC students throughout the year.

Scientific and Technology Club

The Scientific and Technology Club functions as the IT professional development society for students. The Club keeps students updated with on all the innovations in the computer and technology fields and prepares workshops on different topics in the IT domain.

Tours and Societal Activities Club

The Tours and Societal Activities Club creates awareness among students and the UAE community about issues related to the environment (recycling, green community) health (Anti-smoking, blood donation), and society in general. The Club participates in events such as UAE National Day, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Athletics Championship, camping, trips, and other adventures and activities throughout the year.

Innovation Club

The club is committed to develop in ways and means to discover and nurture students' creativity by involving them in the planning and implementation of activities to achieve the integrated growth of their personality.

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Guidelines and Procedures

Submit Absence Excuses for Missed Classes

Student can submit the absent request form to student affairs office by filling the form on the right section. Students should inform their absence to lecturer or HOD prior the absence.

Disclaimer: Submission is not valid during examination period.

Information & Support

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Borrowing Policy

LRC designed the borrowing policy to maximize access to the collection by motivating the users to return material on time so that they are available for other users. Students should show their college ID to borrow books from the library. Loan period and number of books for the staff and students are different like:

  • Students can borrow up to 5 books for 10 days.
  • Staff can borrow 10 books up to 30 days.
  • It can be renewed for the next 10 days if no other request or reservation.
  • The Director of the library has the authority to recall a borrowed book at any time.

Book Request