Your Chair and Back Pain

After a long workday sitting at your desk, do you feel as refreshed as when you arrived at the office that morning?

When we Spend much of your day in a seated position like working on a computer, Poor posture like slouching can cause the spinal ligament to stretch beyond the healthy limit which strains the spinal disc over time and making the disc to bulge. it can leave the spine sore, stiff, and in pain. Though sitting may be relaxing but it puts an amount of stress on the neck, back and muscles.

An ergonomic chair can improve comfort, performance and the health of the back. What then is the best ergonomic chair? There is no specific ‘best ergonomic chair’ that may fit all body shapes and sizes and that is comfortable for everyone. However, there are criteria one should consider about a chair before they try it to determine how best it fits their ergonomic concerns.

The term ‘ergonomic design’ describes a minimum set of requirements and not a precise standard. One can only tell if a chair is ergonomically suitable when they sit on it for some time. if it is really uncomfortable, then one will know this pretty quickly. But, sometimes things that seem comfortable after a few minute of use may not work so well in the long term.

The seat
The seat should not feel too hard or soft, be uncomfortable under the hips or thighs, and it should not be too long. The 1-inch rule can be applicable: The seat pan should be at least 1-inch wider than the hips and thighs, and there should be at least a 1-inch gap between the front of the seat and the back of the knees when sitting back in the chair. Consider the following;

  • a seat slide to adjust to your upper leg length
  • a rounded ‘waterfall’ front of the seat
  • a seat pan that swivels easily so you don’t have to twist your lower back when you reach to the side or turn around.

Back rest
When seated back, does the lower back and shoulder blades feel well-supported? A chair with an adjustable lumbar support to fit the curve of the lower back is idle. Whether sitting upright or leaning back, the back rest should support the lower back conveniently.

  • Ensure the back rest of the chair is wide enough but not restricting arm movements.
  • Ensure the design is dynamic to allow easy movement and recline while being supported at all positions.
  • Avoid chairs with a static back that adjusts and locks to only one position because it will only support one position of adjustment.

Using armrests helps to get in and out of a chair and also protects the knees and back from undue strain. The armrest should be strong enough not to tip and support the body weight when you push down on them. At a minimum, the height of armrest should be adjustable.

A headrest is a useful feature. The chair headrest helps to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders when you recline back in the chair.

Ensure the chair is stable and  will not tip when you lean on it. It should have at least a 5 pedestal base with casters that glide freely over the floor surface.

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Your Chair and Back Pain

After a long workday sitting at your desk, do you feel as refreshed as when you arrived at the office that morning? When we Spend

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